The founder of our company has spent many years dedicated to the art & science of Jewelry, Gemology, and Appraisal of such. Therefore, our approach to evaluation is equally versed by scientific method and a broad knowledge of the Art & Science behind the items we so frequently evaluate.

The first step to evaluation is to visually inspect all properties and details of an individual item. We are going to begin with a 10X Loupe and look at the quality and crafting of the precious metals, or cut quality of a given Diamond or Gemstone. We then begin to isolate features that can add value, and determine what special characteristics are present, or not. If a particular item is branded we take special care to not put even the slightest blemish on it's surface for the purpose of testing for purity or metal type.

If your item has additional features that need to be analyzed to present an offer, now is the time. We have in our arsenal of evaluation tools and edXRF-Spectrometer, GIA Marx X Gemscope, OGI Megascope Dual Channel Diamond Scanner with FireScope, HAD Diamond Digital Video Scope with Hearts & Arrows Scope, Refractometers, Polariscopes, Spectrometers, Various Lighting Sources, GIA & AGL Master Diamond Color Grading Full Sets, GIA Color Grading Cabinet, Specific Gravity Scale, and a variety of other Labratory Grade Instruments.

For any item, branded or not, we will take notes as to the metal type, purity, weight, stones, and other value factors, and then present you with an initial price range or offer. All of the information we aquire is provided to you, in a hand written note format, wether we purchase your item(s) or not.

Upon agreement to our initial offer, a series of different test will be undertaken. Most of which are non-destructive processes. This will complete the evaluation process and allow us to determine that your items are exactly as they are presumed to be.

On some occasions, for rare or extremely high value items, additional time is neccessary to prepare an offer. For example, a rare, large Gemstone may require market analysis in order to present the type of legendary, high payouts we are known for.

Another example would be in a precious metals recovery scenario. We often buy lots of engineered wires, metals, and industrial grade scrap metal that requires a sampling of the alloys properties and several experiments to determine the best scenario and highest yield, or return, of the valuable metals the alloy is composed of.

In any situation we encounter, we readily have the knowledge, equipment, and maintain proffessional, unbiased conduct to make sure you get the most out of your personal assets.


By request, our notes and a transcription of our evaluation can be made available to you free of charge. We stand behind our evaluations and have nothing to hide. We encourage sellers to always seek a better alternative to any deal they are presented, to ensure they will be satisfied with the service we provide. Keep in mind that we are buying your assets to resell them in order to make a profit, and that we are not collectors. Above and beyond all, Honesty is our approach and our Fiduciary Responsibility to our clients must come first in providing the high level of service and trust we are committed to.

The value of any jewelry or valuable commodoties are subject to ever changing market conditions and supply and demand factors. Beyond those factors, rarity and highly desired items will have much stronger payouts than those that are common and less desired. Currently, the market is flooded with commercial quality jewelry. For example, if you shopped at a typical Mall Jewelry Store, and paid two thousand dollars for an item, it may have a current wholesale cost of Five Hundred dollars or less and by wholesale value I am referring to what it would cost any given jeweler to manufacture or source a comparable item. You will most likely get offers less than or egual to an items wholesale value. In contrast, if you bought a Top Quality item from a local jeweler who made certain to provide you the best value, you can get close to, or more, than your original investment in some instances.